Rain In My Life (1979)

  • Dancin’ Tonight 4:40 (Michael Johnson/Bill Labounty)
  • Trail To Your Heart (Sailing Without A Sail) 3:17 (Roy Freeland/Bill Labounty)
  • Isn’t It A Cry 4:05 (Ron Culbertson/Bill Labounty)
  • Drops Of Water 4:32 (Roy Freeland/Bill Labounty)
  • I’m Hurtin’ 3:39 (Michael Johnson/Bill Labounty)
  • Sometimes Love Songs Make Me Cry 4:25 (Milo Adamo/Bill LaBounty/Jay Senter)
  • What About You 3:51 (Roy Freeland/Bill Labounty)
  • Clap Me In Irons 4:27 (Randy Goodrum)
  • To Hear The Band 3:11 (Bill LaBounty)
  • Little Rivers 3:52 (Bill LaBounty)

All songs published by Captain Crystal Music (BMI)

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All songs published by Captain Crystal Music (BMI) except:

Drops Of Water – Published by Captain Crystal Music, Warner-Tamerlane Publishing (BMI)
I’m Hurtin’ – Published by Captain Crystal Music (BMI) , Sanskrit Music (ASCAP)
Clap Me In Irons – Published by Chappell & Co., Inc., Sailmaker Music (ASCAP)

Producer: Jay Senter
Keyboards: Randy Hart, Bill LaBounty
Guitar: Ron Culbertson, Steve Gibson
Bass: David Jackson, Reggie McBride
Drums: Jack White, Roy Yeager
Background Vocals: Randy Hart, Bill LaBounty, Marcy Levy
Sax: Jim Gordon
Harmonica: Tommy Morgan
Engineering: Gart Brandt, Brent Maher
Re-Mix: Gart Brandt, David Costell
Art Direction: Martin Donald
Photography: Danny Lehman
Marcy Levy appears courtesy of RSO Records, Inc.

Recorded at:
Alpha Studios, Los Angeles, California
Creative Workshop, Nashville, Tennessee
Allen Zentz Studios, Los Angeles, California

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